Environmental Services


The detection and management of lead-based paint (LBP) hazards in both the residential home and industrial environments have taken on additional significance with the implementation of the Federal Lead Disclosure Rule. Additionally, the Federal HUD Guidelines and OSHA Lead in Construction Standard add to the maze of federal requirements concerning LBP hazards. ENVIROLOGIC’s experienced staff of EPA certified Lead Paint Inspectors and Risk Assessors work closely with our clients to reduce health and liability risks posed by LBP hazards and ensure compliance with these complicated federal regulations.  We are licensed to operate the RMD LAP-1 Lead-Based Paint Detection System, which employs non-destructive testing techniques to identify hazardous levels of lead in painted surfaces.


In addition, ENVIROLOGIC offers a full range of lead testing and monitoring services, including paint chip sampling, dust wipe sampling, ambient air monitoring, OSHA personal monitoring, TCLP sampling/analysis and lead in soil and water sampling and analysis.


The most effective way to find, locate, detect & test for hidden mold growth & contamination in both residential and commercial environments is to perform a Mold Investigation. ENVIROLOGIC’s trained personnel are able to perform mold inspection, sampling, and testing. If a potential mold problem has been discovered by a client, we will inspect the affected home, office or commercial property in order to determine the cause. Our mold inspectors will attempt to identify the source of the mold contamination by testing for the presence of water problems, higher than normal levels of mold spores, or serious levels of mold infestation or mold contamination.